In our capacity of independent property lawyers, we provide legal advice regarding real estate investment in Bulgaria, and also before selling a Bulgarian property.


Legal investigation by real estate lawyer

For a property investor, it is most important to purchase a property with clear legal status (i.e. without any legal burdens) and with no unsettled issues related to it or its owners. After years of legal practice in the local real estate market, we can make the conclusion that not always the most attractive offer for sale of Bulgarian real estate is the best offer. Sometimes low prices could be hiding huge legal issues behind. This is why we offer legal investigation of real estates’ legal status, legal checks for burdens, mortgages, pending lawsuit, unpaid tax debts, etc.; and we investigate property sellers and developers, in order to confirm whether it is safe for your interests to purchase the particular real estate that has been offered to you.


Negotiations and drawing Bulgarian title deed

We take part on behalf of clients in negotiations and preparation of preliminary agreements and Title deeds, to be protective for the interests of the client. We manage and perform property transfers (where we provide a full legal representation of property buyers and/or sellers of real estates in Bulgaria and manage secure payment of purchase/sale price), changes of names in Title Deeds, etc. Sometimes it could be difficult for a property owner who resides abroad, to prepare alone all aspects of the sale of their property; and this is the job of a real estate lawyer – to ensure that a straight sale could be done, where our client to receive quickly the sale price.

We can advise accordingly, prepare and verify documents regarding registration, transfer, and termination of various proprietary rights on Bulgarian real estates – for example, a right-of-build, right-of-pass, etc.


Tax, cadastral and Bulstat registration

We can perform all these registrations on behalf of clients, in order to confirm the proper end of property purchasing in Bulgaria, as it should be. If for some reason your Bulgarian real estate has not been registered in the local Tax Authority or in the Cadastral office, or if you have failed to obtain the individual Bulstat card and number, we /applicable only for foreign owners of properties in Bulgaria/ can do it for you. There is no matter where the property is situated – we work on the whole territory of Bulgaria. After the purchase of property, we can register it and its owner at the local Authorities – something which foreign investors usually are not aware of. In cases of property sale, we can de-register the property and the vendor in order to avoid further property tax debts.


Selling your Bulgarian property

If you are looking to sell your local real estate, but need legal advice and representation by Bulgarian real estate lawyer for it, we can help you with the sale process. Although we are not financial consultants, we can clear your view on rough frames of a realistic price that it is possible to be achieved from the sale of your property. We can also check the legal status of the property in order to ensure a straight sale and to represent you in the whole process, where to sign on your behalf as a seller, the new Title Deed. If you don’t intend to travel to Bulgaria for this event, we can respectively de-register you and the property from the local Authorities, etc.

We offer legal assistance in solving Cadastral issues with Bulgarian properties following the Cadaster and Land Register Act, real estate border issues, registration of apartments, houses and plots in the Bulgarian Cadaster and changes in the cadastral map, as well prepared and obtaining of all types of documents related.      

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**According to our Law, free legal advice could be given by Bulgarian real estate lawyer only to relatives, other Bulgarian lawyers or indigent people. 

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