Real Property Individual Investment Services

Full representation during sale and purchase of real property. Provision of any documents required for the purposes of legally confirming property status. Obtaining a certificate for entries, recordations or deletions /non-encumbrance certificate /, obtaining planning visa /in case of purchase of land plot/, performing checks within the Old Archive records at the Registry Agency – Land register about the history of the real property and all entries on the file of the property, made before 1992.

Due diligence of the seller – a legal entity and clarifying circumstances that are vital for the transfer of the real property /insolvency proceedings, lawsuits against the seller, which may affect the property and others/. Preparation, signing, termination, and rescission of contracts for purchase and sale of real estate.

Preparation of notary notices for cancellation of preliminary contract for the sale of real estate. Full legal assistance and representation in court during court cases for a refund of paid deposit as per a signed preliminary contract.

Legal representation by real property lawyer during legal proceedings under Article 19 of Contracts and Obligations Act for the announcement of a preliminary contract as final. Entry of the final court decision, obtained as result of a court case under Article 19 of Contracts and Obligations Act, in the Registry Agency – Land Register.

Full representation of a seller or a buyer during the signing of a title deed and the related procedure of declaring the property at the local municipality. Full legal representation during legal proceedings for revoke of title deeds.

Valuation of real estate properties by a competent licensed appraiser and obtaining the relevant valuation within a period of up to few days.

Legal Advice on Contracts for Real Properties in Problematic Bulgarian Apartment Complexes

Full legal examination of signed preliminary contracts and preparation of legal statements in connection to such contracts. Legal representation before local Bulgarian courts of foreign investors /buyers/, who have purchased apartments in some of the following problematic complexes: “Orpheus Valley”, Pamporovo; “Costa Bulgara”, Chernomorets; “Whiteoaks Lodge”, blocks A, B, C and D, city of Bansko; “Golf Club Ibar”, Dolna Banya; “Dawn Park”, Sunny Beach; “Grand Royale”, city of Bansko; “Pearl complex”, city of Razlog;

Representation of Foreign Investors

Legal representation by real estate lawyer of foreign investors /buyers/ during insolvency procedures of the following local construction companies: “Kildare Ski Construction” Ltd., “Bulbuild BG” Ltd.; “Golf Club Ibar” Plc.; “Aheloy Residence” Ltd.; “Seattle Ski Construction” Ltd. etc;

Legal Advice on problematic real property in Bulgaria

Legal representation of foreign investors /buyers/ during court procedures per art. 135 of the Contracts and Obligations Act- in cases, when the company-seller per their preliminary contracts has transferred all its assets towards third related party;

Legal representation of foreign investors /buyers/ by real estate lawyer during court procedures per art. 19 of the Contracts and Obligations Act- in cases, when the company-seller per their preliminary contract is refusing to transfer ownership of the property via signed Notary /Title/ deed;

Legal representation of foreign investors /buyers/ during public sales procedures- submission of offers on behalf of clients before private enforcement agents for purchasing specific real estate; bidding on behalf of client during the public sale procedure; registration of the purchased real estate before the local municipality, as well as in the local Cadastre Agency.


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Notarized POA for real estate sale, signed abroad

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