We offer consultations on the current administrative and tax legislation in Bulgaria, as well as legal representation on appeal of any acts, issued by the Bulgarian administrative bodies – Council of Ministers, mayors, governors, directors of institutions, etc.

Administrative Law

We assist our clients in all types of administrative procedures. We examine the legal regime, prepare the necessary documents, and assist the clients in every step until receiving the relevant document.

We perform legal analysis of the procedures related to the obtaining of administrative permits and licenses, examine the peculiarities of all types of licensing and authorization regimes, including, but not limited to, the regimes for opening of:

– financial institution, currency exchange bureau;

– construction company;

– commercial premise, pharmacy;

– private kindergarten, private nursery;

– tour operator, travel agent, categorization of tourist properties;

– taxi service;

– production of alcoholic beverages;

– air transport, passenger and freight transport in Bulgaria;

– radio or television channel;

And many other services or businesses that need to be registered or licensed. We can perform registration procedures under the Health Act, under the Personal Data Protection Act, under the Medical Devices Act or under the Tourism Act and others.

In case that the client wishes to obtain an individual administrative act, but an explicit or implied refusal is issued – we prepare and lodge a complaint before the competent court and represent the complainant until the proceedings are completed.

If an administrative act has been issued that has an adverse effect on the client – we prepare a complaint and represent the complainant until the proceedings are completed.

We also offer legal representation and assistance in procedures under the Public-Private Partnership Act and the Public Procurement Act, including documentation on participation in public procedures; preparation and consultation regarding the implementation of contracts already concluded.

We perform procedure representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition – including in appeal proceedings before the CPC for unfair competition, and before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court in proceedings under the above legislation.

We represent our clients during appeal procedures against all types of administrative acts, issued under the Spatial Planning Act (SPA), including, but not limited to: orders for stopping construction works, order for removal of illegal construction, orders prohibiting the use of the construction.

We represent clients in the procedures for approval of a detailed development plan, issuing a design visa, building permit, commissioning.

We prepare complaints against all kinds of detailed development plans, town planning orders, building permits.

Tax law

We prepare a complete legal analysis of the applicable tax regime. With the assistance of expert accountants, we advise clients on the application of Corporate Income Tax Act (CITA), Value Added Tax Act (VATA), Income Taxes of Natural Persons Act (ITNPA) and all other laws and regulations.

We prepare objections to audit reports and represent our clients on the occasion of audit acts, issued by the National Revenue Agency (NRA). We appeal the issued audit act before the respective administrative authority and before the court.

We appeal against decisions of public executors of the NRA, issued on the basis of tax-audit acts.

We assist our clients in appealing against acts under the Customs Act, the Oil and Petroleum Inventories Act, the Forestry Act, as well as acts for breaches of EU law.

           Proceedings under the Administrative Violations and Sanctions Act

We represent our clients in appealing against penal decrees, issued under the Administrative Violations and Sanctions Act.

We assist in the preparation of appeal, submit the appeal against the issued decree and represent the client during court proceedings and request from the court to dismiss the imposed administrative penalty (fine, pecuniary sanction or other).

In our practice we have had numerous cases against criminal border control decrees, orders issued by the Labor Inspectorate, the Road Police or other Ministry of Interior bodies, Health and Epidemic Inspectorate and the Regional Health Inspectorates, as well as decrees issued by local municipal and tax authorities.

Labor Law

If you are an employer:

We offer full legal services to employers in order to organize their work according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation:

  • we provide written and oral statements on labor law issues;
  • we prepare internal regulations for work process within the company;
  • we prepare employment contracts and job descriptions;
  • we prepare documents and carry out procedures for disciplinary liability of offending employees for violation of labor discipline by imposing remarks, dismissal warnings and disciplinary dismissals;
  • we prepare orders for termination of employment contracts on different grounds under the Labor Code, together with all accompanying documents;
  • we assist the employer with the preparation of annexes to employment contracts, supplementary agreements, contracts for the change of working position, for relocation of employees to another workplace, contracts for training and professional development of employees, contracts for apprenticeships;
  • we advise employers on the inclusion of penalty clauses in employment contracts, confidentiality clauses, competitive activity;

                  For clients looking for long-term commitment, we offer flexible subscription plans for legal services /please, request our free Brochure with subscription plans here/.

 If you are an employee:

We offer preparation and legal review of employment contracts, as well as other related documentation required by employers for the organization of employment /internal rules, civil or employment contracts, privacy statements, annexes to employment contracts, training and qualification contracts, etc./

We provide legal representation in court cases for protection against disciplinary sanctions imposed under the Labor Code (LC), including against unlawful dismissal (claims for dismissal of unlawful dismissal, for reinstatement on your previous employment position, and for the payment of compensation for the period in which you are unemployed because of your dismissal).

We can also assist you through full legal representation in court cases for payment of work benefits or unpaid work remuneration, as well as in cases under Article 226 of the Labor Code for compensation for an employment book wrongfully detained by the employer.

If you are going to start work with a new employer and have questions about certain clauses/texts of your proposed employment contract, we can offer you a review and consultation on the contract and prepare a legal statement on its texts.

We offer an overview and statement on annexes to signed employment contracts, as well as on any other additional agreements that can be signed – training agreements, agreements for upgrading qualifications, changing job position, moving to another job and more.

If you have a dispute with your employer regarding termination of your employment contract, we can provide you with the necessary assistance, including by negotiating with your employer’s representatives, drafting notices and sending these to the employer. We may prepare and file a complaint with the General Labor Inspectorate or any trade union organization.

We offer full legal representation in all labor matters before the General Labor Inspectorate and in all labor cases before the competent Bulgarian courts, including court cases for payment of compensation due as a result of a work accident.

          Bulgarian legal experts. Preparation of expert opinions

If you need legal advice or interpretation of Bulgarian law or the application of specific legal rules in the jurisprudence, we can assist you in preparing an expert statement on any question you may ask.

We carry out a thorough examination of the client’s legal cases or inquiries regarding Bulgarian legislation, where our legal statement can serve on pending court cases abroad /when these questions are related to the Bulgarian legislation or the law enforcement in Bulgaria/.

Yosifova, Ivanov & Petrov Law Firm has experience in preparing such statements on inquiries from authorities in the UK, Canada and other countries.

We can act as legal experts, if appointed by a court in your country, presenting an interpretation of Bulgarian law in connection with legal disputes raised.

For more information on the above legal services, please contact us by using the e-mails and phone numbers provided in our „Contacts” section.

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