Insurance law 

We offer legal advice on Insurance Law, including any matters relating to the conclusion, performance, and termination of insurance contracts and insurance events occurred. We represent our clients in submitting a written claim to the insurer, and also requesting the insurer to meet its obligations under an existing insurance contract and pay an insurance indemnity or sum insured.

Our law firm provides legal defense and assistance to persons injured as a result of a car crash or any other type of accidents. We provide legal representation to individuals and legal entities before the Bulgarian courts for insurance cases against an insurer claiming damages payable due to a car crash, accident, or another insured event.

We offer full representation to persons injured as a result of road traffic accidents/RTA/ and their relatives in their relationship with insurers, in criminal proceedings against offenders and public institutions. We provide legal representation before the Bulgarian courts for an Insurance Law claim of recourse brought by an insurer against a party in fault.

Our law firm offers legal defense and assistance for matters related to insurance of cargoes and transport vehicles, including: representation of persons in connection with any claims relating to the application of provisions of the Convention on the Contract for International Carriage of Goods by Road /CMR/; Refusal of an insurer to indemnify an insured under Road Carrier’s Liability insurance; and others.

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