Insurance law 

We offer advice on insurance law, including all matters related to the conclusion, performance and termination of insurance contracts and claims for payment of indemnities for occurred insured events (insured and damaged movable and immovable property; injured or deceased person covered by life insurance, etc.).

We represent our clients upon submitting a written claim before an insurance company, and filing request to the insurance company for fulfilling its obligations under an insurance contract and paying an insurance indemnity or a sum insured.

We institute legal proceedings against insurance companies for amounts due under insurance contracts – Motor Third Party Liability, Comprehensive and Collision Car Insurance, real estate insurance contracts, medical or life insurance contracts, travel insurance contracts, (Travel Abroad Insurance) and more.

We provide protection and assistance to injured parties of motor vehicle accidents (road accident) or other type of accident in claiming indemnification from the insurer – out of court or in court.

We carry out legal representation of natural and legal persons before the Bulgarian courts in bringing a case for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage against an insurer for indemnification due as a result of an accident, work accident, damage to property (motor vehicle or real estate) or other insured event – surgery, hospital treatment, etc.).                We offer full representation of both injured parties of motor vehicle accidents and their relatives, as well as owners of damaged or stolen property (for example in case of a theft of a motor vehicle covered by a Comprehensive and Collision Car Insurance) in their relations with insurers, as well as representation in pre-trial proceedings before the police and prosecutor’s  office and in criminal cases before the court against the perpetrator and state institutions.  

We conduct litigation before the Bulgarian courts on a recourse lawsuit filed by an insurer against the faulty party for an insurance indemnity paid to the injured party.

In resolving any insurance case, our law firm can offer you the following specific legal services:

  • Consultancy service when signing insurance contracts – a complete review of your insurance contract proposal and opinion on the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the consequences of failure to perform the contract;
  • Consultation and assistance in taking actions to obtain indemnification in the case of an insured event;
  • Legal representation in court proceedings for compensation against an insurer in case of non-payment of insurance indemnification or in case that the amount of the proposed (or already paid) indemnification is too low;
  • Out-of-court representation before an insurer for the voluntary settlement of a dispute regarding the entitlement to and amount of insurance indemnification;
  • Legal representation in cases for damages against the Guarantee Fund;

We offer legal protection and assistance in cases related to cargo and vehicle insurance, including: representation of persons in connection with claims related to the implementation of clauses of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR); Refusal of the insurer to pay an indemnification to the insured person under Road Carrier’s Liability insurance and others.

For more information on the above legal services, please contact us by using the e-mails and phone numbers provided in our „Contacts” section.

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