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In our capacity of independent Bulgarian lawyers, we provide various legal services, related to preparation, legal review and amendment of draft or signed Bulgarian contracts and agreements in all branches of the local Law; quick online legal advice and consultations related to the establishment, amendments, and termination of existing or future contractual relations between parties. If you reside abroad, there is no problem to consult you – we are independent legal advisors and we are capable to provide via e-mail communication written legal advice on the clauses of your agreement (private purchase contracts, commercial contracts, Title Deeds, etc.) and to consult you accordingly in short terms. If you need legal help and a lawyer to prepare your Title Deed for better protection of your legal and financial interests – just contact our Bulgarian law firm.

We also perform negotiations with the other party to protect your interests better and perform actual legal representation on the signing of Bulgarian contracts – preliminary contracts and Title Deeds for Bulgarian property conveyance, business and consumers agreements, etc. We also perform official translation of contracts in your spoken language, for your convenience.

We can also prepare all types of Bulgarian contracts, general or concrete powers of attorney and personal wills related to Bulgarian assets – where we design their clauses to be protective for the client.

Preparation and obtaining of Bulgarian title deed. Changing names in title deeds

In practice, the Bulgarian Title Deed represents a standard contract for the sale/purchase/exchange or donation of real estate, situated in Bulgaria. It has the legal role to proclaim and certify via registration procedure, a transfer of ownership rights between parties; or alternatively, the establishment of temporary rights over property in favor of a party (the mortgage deeds, or deeds for establishing right-to-build, for example). Buying a Bulgarian property with clear legal status relates to protective Title deed, which terms and conditions to protect the legal and financial rights of the property buyer in the future, against the seller and any third parties. Therefore it is advisable for the buyer to hire a professional Bulgarian conveyancer who to ensure that the Deed they will prepare for signing, will be designed to answer the buyer’s needs and to get their interests covered as most as possible. In our capacity of independent Bulgarian lawyers we are capable to advise you and to prepare Title Deed related to Bulgarian real estate which you are buying, and respectively in cases where asked by the client, also to sign it on their behalf.

In some situations, the Title Deed could be missing:

1) Due to failure of the seller to sign it, where we can pursue receipt of ownership in the Bulgarian court of Law, and respectively to obtain court decision in your favor with the role of standard Title Deed, which is also registered in the local Land Register;

2) Or the recent Title Deed could be lost – then we can track it down via legal investigation which we can perform for you, and on the base of simple power of attorney, to obtain at the local Authorities new one for you, and if you are foreigner – to translate it in your language and to post the original together with the translation, to your postal address.

In our practice as Bulgarian real estate lawyers, we also deal with the legal procedure of removal of owners in Title Deeds (which foreigners sometimes call “removing of names in Bulgarian deed” or “changing names in Bulgarian Title Deed”). This procedure actually reflects a transfer of ownership rights towards one or other person and requires performance of the related deal – in the legal form of sale or donation. We can perform all legal activities, related to this procedure, as well to prepare for you and to sign on your behalf the new Title deed, and after registration of the deed in the Bulgarian Authorities to post the original to you, translated in your spoken language (as we also offer official translations), for your convenience.

Preparation of Bulgarian power of attorney. Legal advice on Bulgarian letter of authorization

The local authorization documents in our country, that entitle a person to act in the name of, and on behalf of, another person, are named “letters of authorization”. Where issued to practicing Bulgarian bonafide lawyer, these are called “powers of attorney” – to show that a lawyer has been entitled to act on behalf of the client; and usually, the POA is subject to easier procedure of just signing, without notary witnessing or legalization (but there are exclusions, dough). There are many types of powers of attorney, mostly – general powers of attorney, durable power of attorney and particular powers of attorney. According to the specifics of the Bulgarian Law, a letter of authorization is a serious document, so authorizers should consider carefully what rights they wish to give to their authorized representatives via signing a letter of authorization. Therefore we offer preparation of letters of authorization, in order to protect the authorizer, where we provide legal consultation towards the authorizer in order to ensure that no extra clauses will be given without the understanding of the authorizer. For example, we can ensure that nobody could open a bank account of yours with their power of attorney, signed by you and given to them if this was not your intention.

* Preparation of Bulgarian Power of Attorney and Letter of Authorization is one of our legal services, which includes online legal advice.

Preparation and registration of Bulgarian will

If you own assets in Bulgaria, and if you want to manage their ownership after death, then you can leave a Bulgarian will. It serves the goal just like any other will in the world – namely to proclaim chosen parties as owners of the assets in the inheritance pot after decease. In our capacity of independent legal advisors, we deal with Bulgarian wills, where we can consult you for preparation of your personal Bulgarian will that relates to your Bulgarian estate. We can draw your personal will, and register it in accordance with the provisions of the Law, at the local Authorities, which to support later the voluntary administration of the estate of the deceased.

* This is one of our legal services, which includes online legal advice.

**According to our Law, free legal advice could be given by Bulgarian bonafide lawyer only to relatives, other Bulgarian lawyers or indigent people.

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