Family Law

           Yosifova, Ivanov & Petrov Law Firm can assist you in any matter in the field of family law. We offer a wide range of services that can be broadly classified into the following categories:

– Drafting a marriage contract;

– Preparation of a statement of claim and representation before the court in divorce proceedings;

– Preparation of a statement of claim and representation before a court in a divorce by mutual agreement;

– Representation (out-of-court and during court proceedings) on issues related to payment of support money, including in proceedings for changing the amount of support money awarded with previous decision;

– Representation (out-of-court and during court proceedings) on matters, related to the regime of contact between parent and child and the exercising of parental rights;

– Consulting and assistance in proceedings for restriction/deprivation of parental rights;

– Consulting and assistance in cases of non-payment of support money, including through involvement of the competent authorities (police and prosecutor’s office);

– Consulting and assistance in obtaining permission for child to leave the country;

– Consulting and assistance in obtaining permission for performing legal actions with property or for performing actions with cash amounts on the bank account on the name of child under the age of 18;

– Consulting and representation before the court in proceedings under the Protection against Domestic Violence Act (PDVA), including filing applications from victims for issuing an order for immediate protection against domestic violence under Article 18 (1) of the PDVA.

Inheritance law

We assist and advise our clients on all cases related to the Bulgarian inheritance law: searching inheritance property, determination of inheritance quotas, drawing up a will, voluntary or judicial division of inheritance, restoration of a preserved part, abandonment of inheritance, inventory inheritance, and other.

We perform inspection and a detailed search for local property, when the deceased is a foreign national and has left heirs abroad /we collect information about their real property in Bulgaria, shares in local companies, money in bank accounts, motor vehicles and movable property/.

We present to the interested parties a legal analysis and opinion on the ownership of the inherited property according to the provisions of the Bulgarian inheritance law, as well as provide the heirs with duplicates of death certificates and certificates of heirs in Bulgaria.

We can prepare and file claims for inheritance and inheritance shares before the local courts, including in disputes between heirs, disputes about a surviving part of the inheritance (contesting wills and donations made by the testator) and more.

Once the inherited property is distributed, we can help the heir sell their acquired inherited property and collect the sale price on their behalf.

We can prepare and register wills by advising our clients on how to distribute property in a way that does not create conflicts between heirs.

For more information on the above legal services, please contact us by using the e-mails and phone numbers provided in our „Contacts” section.

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