INHERITANCE LAW. Distribution of Bulgarian inheritance

The Bulgarian inheritance law mostly involves determining whether the local legal procedure of inheriting assets will be applicable (the one via leaving a personal will or, alternatively, via the procedure of inheritance quotes established by the local legislation) and to set the methods for actual distribution of the inheritance pot.

In our capacity of Bulgarian lawyers we can trace and investigate local assets (Bulgarian real estates, shares in Bulgarian companies, money in Bulgarian bank accounts, vehicles, movables, etc.) left by deceased person (inheritor); to provide to the interested parties precise legal report and to outline the legal ways for claiming these as per the provisions of the local law, to obtain death certificates, certificates for heirs and grant of probate in Bulgaria in case of deceased inheritors. As next step, we can prepare, lodge and perform the court procedures related to legal disputes and Inheritance claims in local courts about claiming or sharing inheritance assets in Bulgaria, including lawsuits between the recognized heirs, claims for reserved part of Bulgarian inheritance pot, etc. Once the inheritance has been distributed, we can help the heir to get these sold, if this is their intention, and to collect the cash on their behalf.

In addition, we are capable to draw and officially register a personal Bulgarian will of yours, which has the role to manage your assets in Bulgaria after death. For the last 10 years, we have done it on behalf of many foreigners who own Bulgarian assets (shares in local corporate entities and real estates).
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**According to our Law, free legal advice could be given by Bulgarian probate lawyer only to relatives, other Bulgarian attorneys-at-law or indigent people.

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