Yosifova, Ivanov & Petrov Law Firm has considerable experience in representing and advising Bulgarian and foreign investors who are implementing construction projects in the Republic of Bulgaria.

For our clients – investors and construction companies, we provide the following services:

– real estate analysis of the property, including check for legal burdens over the property, checks on the urban planning status. We investigate potential issues that would delay the start of construction (including the issuance of a building permit) and the commissioning of the future building;

– advise on the preparation and implementation of investment projects and related contracts, which are normally signed during the property construction process;

– represent clients in the procedures for approving of a detailed development plan, issuing a design visa, building permit, putting a building into operation;

– if requested by the client, we participate in negotiations with builders, investors, suppliers and buyers;

– through the assistance of trusted real estate appraisers, we evaluate the investment value of a real estate;

–  advise on the preparation of a construction contract, as well as preparation of such a contract that will protect your rights and legitimate interests;

– in case of non-performance under an already signed construction contract, we can represent you in the negotiations with your contractor (construction company), including with the preparation of notices which to be sent to your contractor;

–  in parallel with the preparation of basic construction contracts, we also prepare supporting documentation – project management contracts (if you will use the services of a company to monitor the exact execution of the project by your builder); contracts for services related to ensuring the connection of the future building with the city’s water and electricity grid; construction supervision contracts; contracts with an architect for the assignment of the architectural designs of the future building and the accompanying documentation, and others;

– we offer legal services to construction companies dealing with residential construction /residential, office, industrial, temporary or movable structures/.

– we offer full legal assistance from the moment of choosing a land plot, acquiring the property and obtaining all permits, until the end of the construction process and the sale of the constructed separate units (apartments);

– we assist in the preparation and obtaining of all documents necessary for the sale of the newly-built properties, including: putting the properties in the geodesy, cartography and cadastre agency, and supplying individual cadastral schemes/sketches for the properties, declaring the properties before the local tax office and obtaining certificates for tax assessment of the properties;

preparation of decisions of the investor company for the sale of the properties by taking into account the content of the company agreement of the respective company; obtaining a certificate of lack of encumbrances on the properties (if required) and others.

– we consult construction companies dealing with infrastructure projects, including road construction.

For clients looking for long-term commitment, we offer flexible subscription plans for legal services /please, request our free Brochure with subscription plans here/.



We offer legal services in all procedures related to the management of condominium in residential buildings and complexes throughout the country, including in Sofia, Varna, the resorts of Sunny Beach, Nesebar, Golden Sands, Kavarna, Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets.

We prepare the necessary documents for convening a general meeting of owners, we prepare contracts for the maintenance of the common parts of residential buildings and/or holiday complexes.

We resolve disputes with maintenance companies, prepare and file appeals against decisions of general condominium assemblies before the competent local court.

We can fully organize a general meeting of owners in complexes/residential buildings – from sending invitations to convene the general meeting to drawing up the minutes of the general meeting.

We can provide a representative of our law firm, who will be present during the general meeting, and who will monitor its lawful conduct, respectively, to answer any questions raised during the actual holding of the meeting.

We provide representation of the Condominium in lawsuits against individual owners of real property, who have not complied with the decision of the General Meeting of Condominium.

We provide legal representation of owners of real estate in the condominium regime on claims brought against them before the Bulgarian court by the manager of the condominium property (including in court cases for payment of amounts due by the owner for maintenance of the building).

For more information on the above legal services, please contact us by using the e-mails and phone numbers provided in our „Contacts” section.

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