Yosifova, Ivanov & Petrov Law Firm is a Bulgarian law firm having its seat in the City of Sofia, Bulgaria and was founded in 2009 by experienced lawyers – registered members of the Bulgarian Lawyers Bar Association, who wanted to establish and run their own business and to deliver legal services in Bulgaria of high quality towards local and foreign clients.

Our law office in Sofia is situated in the central part of the capital. This enables us to reach easily most of the local governmental institutions that all reside in the capital; the supreme courts and the municipal authorities too.

In our capacity of independent attorneys, we offer to all our clients a bridge of trust and stable communication. This is the key to our success here for the last 15 years of legal practice in Bulgaria and we use to improve it all the time. Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated attorneys-at-law, legal counsels and support staff.


We are independent Bulgarian lawyers, and we offer legal services in many branches of the legal practice in Bulgaria, especially commercial and corporate law, administrative law, litigation, as well as investments and citizenship obtaining procedures and residence permits, but not only:

Commercial and Corporate law, where we provide various business services – setting up a company in Bulgaria, dealing with mergers and acquisitions of Bulgarian companies. We offer performance of procedures at the Companies House (Commercial Registry) and solving disputes between shareholders, as well helping ex-shareholders to recover financial part from Bulgarian company – read more

● Investments and Bulgarian citizenship, immigration legal services in Bulgaria: We offer full legal services under the Investors & Residence in Bulgaria Program and the Investors & Bulgarian Citizenship Program. We serve clients from all over the world, including China, Hong Kong, UAE, Dubai, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, South America, and many others who wish to acquire Bulgarian citizenship by investing in Bulgarian government securities or other types of financial instruments. Bulgaria is one of the most preferred destinations – a country that offers a simplified regime for acquiring citizenship in the European Union through investment. We advise our clients on visa requirements for visits and stays in Bulgaria, as well as we assist our clients in obtaining residence permits for Bulgaria. We appeal against visa refusals, issued by the Bulgarian Consular Offices – read more

  Litigation – in our capacity of debt recovery solicitors in Bulgaria we perform representation on civil and arbitration lawsuits and we can help if you are seeking a legal advice on a future court case against a debtor. We assist our clients in relation to legalities, practicalities, and costs. We deal with contractual debt collection, any non-paid income, award or remuneration and we can help you if you are trying to reach a debtor in Bulgaria – read more

● Real Estate law, where we are acting in the real estate legal – law consultancy domain. If you need a lawyer for property transaction in Bulgaria who to check and confirm the legal status of local real estates and to represent you on acquiring ownership (or for resale) of Bulgarian real estates, do not hesitate to contact us. We deliver conveyance services towards local and foreign real estate buyers or sellers – namely legal advice, assistance and legal representation with Bulgarian property acquisitions and sales – read more

Contract law, in which sphere of legal practice we can offer preparation, legal review and amendment (and negotiation) of various Bulgarian contracts – private purchase contracts, Title Deeds, sale agreements, etc. If you need to know where are you standing at the moment with your signed contract and resp. need a detailed legal advice on it, we can help – read more

Civil legal services –  Bulgarian Civil Law is the biggest work field of our legal practice in Bulgaria, including consultation and court representation on marital or divorce disputes in Bulgaria, inheritance and probate claims, parental rights lawsuits, preparation of Bulgarian wills, etc – read more

Legal services for administrative and tax procedures – we provide full legal assistance for administrative and tax procedures before local Bulgarian Authorities and at the local courts of law, including appeals of issued administrative orders, various charges, and fines – read more

Legal services in the Law of Constructions – we prepare and check building documentation, we supervise the process of applying for building license or other licenses. We can advise clients on the building process as well for the properness of the related building documentation. We do property registration at the Bulgarian Cadasterread more

Legal service in the area of public procurement – in this part of our legal practice we can consult and advise participants in procurement procedures, prepare needed documentation, perform appeals in the local court of law, etc.

Intellectual property protection – we can provide legal consultation and representation in relation to copyright protection in Bulgaria –  read more

Legal expertise – we have the requisite expertise in order to help resolve various issues regarding Bulgarian law and practice which have become an issue in court cases abroad. In our capacity of independent property lawyers, we are capable to issue signed the expert report on issues with the Bulgarian laws.


In our field of practice we represent many overseas clients, so the working languages of the office are Bulgarian, English, Russian and Italian. We work freely with clients from whole the world, including the United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Dubai, Canada. There is also a partnering translation agency with sworn translators here so we can work with documents in many languages and respectively to get Bulgarian documents translated into many languages.


Through the years, Yosifova, Ivanov & Petrov Law Firm gained the trust of dozens of corporate clients, foreign and local companies, and individual clients as well. The Bulgarian lawyers who work in the office have earned the trust of clients, official authorities, and colleagues of ours worldwide. Our clients and the parties we get in contact with, highly appreciate our professionalism, thoroughness and personal attitude to each case we handle here in our law firm.

Foreign partners and officials recognize our competency as well – in the past, we have assisted UK authorities in respect of property fraud issues. Local partners of the law firm are Evian Agency Ltd. – a translation company, local notaries, private judicial enforcers and accounting offices with an excellent reputation. We also collaborate with trusted law offices in Varna, Plovdiv, Bourgas and whole the country.

In conclusion, the most important service we offer – permanent bridge of communication with our clients. This is why it will be always easy for you to contact us in the future – our full contact details listed are listed in the related section “Contacts”.

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