If you are a legal entity, then for the purposes of the proper functioning of your operations and business, you often need quality legal services.

The adequate protection of your rights and legal interests is needed irrespective of whether you are a sole owner of a company, or a shareholder in a limited liability company, or a sole trader, or a freelancer. Associations, foundations, other types of nonprofit organizations also regularly use legal services, and natural persons as well.

There is a significant number of companies that prefer legal services provided by an external law firm. For some, it is difficult to designate the resources necessary for the appointment of a lawyer under a permanent employment contract. The expenses related to ensuring a workplace, salary and social security contributions are high.

However, the quality of legal services is most important to the client. Hiring a lawyer can hardly provide the employer with a full spectrum of legal services. It is rarely the case when a professional has expertise in corporate law, tax law, immigration law, administrative law, property law, etc. And companies often encounter cases related to all branches of law.

In such cases, the conclusion of a subscription-based agreement for legal services with an external law firm is a good and suitable alternative. Accordingly, the client receives the teamwork of several lawyers, whose expertise and experience in different branches of law is a major advantage. An external law firm uses its own administrative and technical personnel, which additionally contributes to reducing the expenses of the client. And therefore, there is no need that its employees should waste working time performing labor tasks unusual for them.

Yosifova, Ivanov, and Petrov Law Firm offer a package of subscription-based legal services flexibly corresponding to the needs of each client. The smallest plan starts with six hours of legal work per month. It is suitable for traders and limited liability companies (LTD). For corporate clients and clients with a large amount of legal work we offer and, respectively, can provide subscription plans of 10, 20, 30 and more hours of legal work per month.
The plans include extra bonus hours depending on the hourly rate chosen.

Taking into consideration your needs, you can choose the subscription plans that best suit your interests. You will receive against payment of a fixed monthly amount full legal services covering:

– Verbal and written consultations, online consultations, legal advice by phone in all branches of civil law, corporate law, administrative and tax Law, etc.;

– Preparation of any types of contracts /labor contracts, preliminary contracts, drafts of title deeds, contracts for services, contracts with partners, counterparties, subcontractors, suppliers, etc./

– Legal representation before all administrative authorities in the Republic of Bulgaria;

– Legal investigation /due diligence/ of legal entities /in case of interest in purchasing entire companies or shares therein/; the due diligence of real estate properties, if there is an interest in purchasing such/;

– Legal representation of the client during negotiations with third-party individuals and legal entities/;

When signing a subscription-based agreement for legal services, you receive high-quality legal services at a preferential price with priority for reviewing and resolving existing issues and matters.

*The subscription plans offered by Yosifova, Ivanov, and Petrov Law Firm do not cover legal representation in Bulgarian courts. Certainly, we offer procedural defense and assistance in commercial disputes, civil lawsuits, property cases, administrative and criminal proceedings, immigration matters, criminal cases, etc. In case of necessity of instituting legal proceedings or providing legal defense in respect of an action brought against you, we will offer you attorney’s fee in conformity with the Bulgarian legislation and the practice of the Bulgarian courts.

In the event that you are interested in our subscription-based legal services, you may contact us through the “Contacts” button to request our related brochure.

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