Intellectual Property Law. Trademarks. Copyright

In our practice we deal with the protection of intellectual and industrial property and copyright in Bulgaria.

We can offer legal advice and legal representation to authors, screenwriters, artists – singers, songwriters, musicians, actors, artists, etc., directors, producers, scientific discoverers and creators of copyrights or inventions in relation to their field of activity.

In this area of ​​our business as attorneys at law, we provide our clients with the following types of legal services:

– advice and assistance in issues related to the protection and/or assignment of copyright and industrial property rights;

– consultations, negotiations and representation when concluding copyright contracts (on image, sound, text) and other intellectual property (trademarks);

– consultation and preparation of contracts, agreements, annexes to copyright contracts (contracts related to the participation in film or television productions, advertising contracts, license agreements for the assignment of copyrights, trademarks, etc.), including advising clients on confidentiality clauses included in such contracts and agreements;

– representation before the competent Bulgarian court in court proceedings under the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act and under the Trademarks and Geographical Indications Act for compensations due to copyright infringements (misuse of a someone else’s copyrighted work), respectively other intellectual or industrial property rights (misuse of a someone else’s trademark, etc.);

– registration of a trademark for goods and/or services (verbal, figurative, combined trademark, logo) in Bulgaria and the European Union;

– representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition in respect of complaints for copyright infringements (unauthorized use of someone else’s trademarks, symbol, etc.);

– preparation of invitations/notifications for termination of infringements of intellectual property rights;

If you need legal advice or an interpretation of any intellectual property or industrial property law in Bulgaria, we can help you prepare an expert statement on any questions you may have.

We carry out a thorough examination on client-specific legal cases or inquiries regarding Bulgarian copyright or industrial property rights legislation, where our prepared statement can be used in any pending court proceedings abroad (when these issues are related to the Bulgarian legislation).

Yosifova, Ivanov & Petrov Law Firm has experience in preparing such statements on inquiries from authorities in the UK and Ireland.

We can act as legal experts, if appointed by a court in your country, presenting an interpretation of Bulgarian law in connection with legal disputes raised.

We offer preparation of all the necessary documents related to the registration of trademarks and other units of industrial property at the Bulgarian Patent Office. We prepare license agreements and franchise agreements.

Procedures under the Radio and Television Act. Legal advice on media disputes

We offer full legal services in the field of media law – performing registration procedures on radio or television channels under the Radio and Television Act and the Electronic Communications Act, as well as related international legislation – the European Convention on Transfrontier Television and related regulations and directives.

We assist our clients in the registration and licensing of local and foreign television operators and television programs.



We provide legal advice on the Protection of Competition Act and on the preparation of documents related to notifications and applications for permits issued by the Commission for Protection of Competition.

We provide legal advice and representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) on unfair competition cases, monopoly and cartel positions of companies.

We provide full legal services when applying for procurements.

We provide advice and representation to both legal persons (commercial companies) and consumers regarding consumer protection cases before the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP).

If you are a legal entity, we can advise you on issues related to the preparation of the general terms and conditions that will be applicable to your activity – general terms and conditions of business in commercial premises, general conditions for online trading (online stores) and more.

In the event that a claim has been brought against you by a consumer, we can advise you on the claim that has arisen and offer you options for resolving the disputed situation, including taking specific actions to protect your rights and legitimate interests.

We offer legal representation before the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP) during any complaint procedures, as well as before the court when appealing decrees or orders of the CCP; representation in lawsuits related to consumer claims.

If you are a consumer and your rights are infringed by the actions/omissions of a legal entity, then we can advise and represent you during negotiations with the legal entity to resolve the disputed situation and restore your violated rights and interests.

We offer representation of consumers before the Commission for Consumer Protection (CCP), as well as court representation of consumers against legal entities.

We represent consumers – Bulgarian and foreign nationals – before airlines in connection with their claims for late or canceled flights, as well as in connection with lost or delayed baggage.

For more information on the above legal services, please contact us by using the e-mails and phone numbers provided in our „Contacts” section.


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