Yosifova, Ivanov and Petrov Law Firm provides legal services and advice in all fields of sports law. We provide representation of individual sportspersons, sports clubs and sports federations before third-party natural and legal persons, as well as before Bulgarian and international sports institutions and organizations.

We can provide legal assistance if you need:

I. Preparation of documents related to the transfer of sports-and-competition rights of sportspersons;
II. Representation of sportspersons, coaches and federations before Bulgarian courts, arbitration court of the Bulgarian Football Union, etc..; Representation before the respective sports federation in procedures for establishing disciplinary offenses and imposing disciplinary sanctions.
III. Preparation of the necessary documents, establishment and registration of sports clubs, sports federations and national sports organizations, preparation of the rules for their activities, including documents required in the procedure for their licensing by the Ministry of Youth and Sports;
IV. Preparation of documentation and representation in procedures for change of ownership of sports clubs, change of legal form, amalgamation, division or closure of sports clubs, registration of trademarks, etc.
V. Preparation of the necessary documents and representation in projects and programs for funding and financial support of sports clubs, organized sports events and projects related to mass sports.
VI. Legal advice, preparation and review of:

  • contracts for transfer of = sportspersons’ right to compete in sports competitions;
  • Professional and employment contracts of sportspersons and coaches;
  • representation agreements with sports agents and managers;
  • contracts for the transfer of television, advertising and other rights owned by sports clubs;
  • contracts for organization of sports events,
  • club sponsorship agreements and personal sponsorship agreements for sportspersons,
  • contracts for advertising and participation in advertising events, etc.
    VII. Preparation of legal opinions and consultations on cases related to legal protection of sports clubs and organizations, sportspersons, coaches and agents of sportspersons before Bulgarian and international bodies – including in cases of:
  • breached and / or outstanding contracts,
  • present liabilities for outstanding amounts of transfers, salaries, sponsorship,
  • pending disputes between national and international federations, etc.;

VIII. Participation in negotiations and protection of the client’s interests in cases related to sports law;
In case you are facing a specific case related to sports law, do not hesitate to contact us via the telephone numbers and contact emails listed in the Contacts section.

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