The attorney’s fees depend on the specific case, the specifics of the facts, the client’s requirements, the complexity and the length of the work.

However, in order to make it easier for our clients, we have tried to answer the question “What is the price of the legal service?” for some of our most frequently asked questions in our practice.

Upon request and during the same day, you may receive by email the following brochures, which contain basic information on the relevant topic, time-frame, and attorney’s fees:

“Purchase of Real Estate” – request a free brochure by clicking here

“Sale of Real Estate” – request a free brochure by clicking here;

“Registration of LLC, JSC etc.” – request a free brochure by clicking here

“Company Liquidation” – request a free brochure by clicking here;

“Bulgarian citizenship through investment” – request a free brochure by clicking here

“Residence in Bulgaria through opening a trade representative office” – request a free brochure by clicking here;

The prices shown in the brochures represent a proposal for a quote. “Yosifova, Ivanov & Petrov” Law Firm reserves its right to set a specific price, depending on the complexity and specifics of the individual case.


Legal advice can be written or oral. It costs between 60 to 150 Euro, depending on the duration /20-60-120 minutes/ and its complexity. We also take into consideration whether the advice requested involves reviewing a substantial volume of documents and whether additional study/research is needed.

If you engage our services in connection with the specific case, the cost of the legal consultation shall be deducted from the respective attorney’s fees applicable for the case.


The legal fees for representation in court proceedings are determined in accordance with Ordinance No.1 dated 09.07.2004 for the minimum amount of attorneys’ fees, not exceeding the double minimum, according to the legal and factual complexity of the case. The amount of the attorney’s fee shall not be greater than the minimum remuneration, multiplied by two, in the event of substantial factual and legal complexity of the case.

Describe us what case you want to bring to court, or send us documents about a court case already initiated against you, and we will provide you with our proposal.


“Yosifova, Ivanov & Petrov” Law Firm offers flexible subscription plans for companies and other types of legal entities, starting at €250 per month.

Describe your business and request our “Subscription Plans for legal entities” Brochure by clicking here. Additional information about our corporate subscription services can also be found here.

E-mail us about any question you are interested in by using the e-mail addresses listed in our “Contacts” section.

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