We offer the full scope of legal services in the field of corporate law and company registration /limited liability company, joint stock company, etc. /, including:

–  registration in the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities;

–  registration of changes in company circumstances /change of address and registered office, change of manager, changes in objects of activity, and many others/;

–  changes in the capital of a company, including through a contribution /non-monetary contribution/ of property; increase and decrease of capital;

–  transformation of companies: merger, acquisition, separation, division, change of legal form;

–  declaring beneficial owners of a company;

–  announcement of annual financial reports, invitations, declaration under Article 39, Paragraph 9, item 2 of the Accountancy Act, as well as any other document subject to announcement,

– liquidation of a legal entity /invitation, termination and deletion/;

We provide services to numerous clients – limited liability companies /Ltd./, joint-stock companies /JSC/, civil companies under the COA, associations and foundations.

       Sale and purchase of company shares, contributions, transformation

We provide full scope of legal services in procedures, related to company transactions – sale and purchase of company shares or any other type of acquisition of company shares in Bulgarian companies, contributions /non-monetary contribution/.

We fully assist our clients in the processes of buying and selling an enterprise and company transformation /through merger, acquisition, separation, change of the legal form/.

During the preparation of these transactions, we perform legal analysis of the constituent documents of the companies, examine their financial condition, examine the company’s portfolio and advise the client on possible options for acquisition, in order to achieve optimal financial results and avoid excessive taxes, fees and other expenses.

We assist our clients in negotiations with the other party.

            Relationships between partners and stockholders, company books

                   We offer legal advice and assistance in holding general meetings of partners or shareholders in limited liability companies, joint stock companies, political parties, etc., as well as in connection with the organization of company books, issuance of provisional certificates, printing out shares.

       Representation in disputes between partners and in case of conflicts with the manager

We also represent our clients in cases related to the expulsion or resignation of a partner, resignation or dismissal of a manager, as well as during contestation in court of decisions, taken by the bodies of a legal entity, including filing claims against actions of a manager /legal action for damages against a manager/, partner, etc.

We have extensive experience in the proceedings under Article 125 (3) of the Commercial Act – for obtaining a share of the assets of the company by the resigning partner, as well as in actions against a manager who has caused damages to the company.

Cross-border transformation of limited liability companies registered in the European Union

We provide a full range of legal services related to all types of cross-border transformation (amalgamation, merger of companies) in accordance with the Directive 2005/56/EC of THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 26 October 2005 on cross-border mergers of limited liability companies.

We consult our clients when they need a certificate of legality of the transformation, transfer of assets and liabilities, independent expert’s report on inspection of transformation and capital, etc.

If you need to relocate your business and your company’s seat/headquarters/registered office in Bulgaria, please contact us.

         Company liquidation

We offer assistance in the proceedings of voluntary liquidation of Bulgarian companies, as well as in the procedure for the distribution of company property during the liquidation process. Our work includes the following services:

–  Advising the client on all aspects of the procedure and constant communication with the accounting department of the company, which be subject of the process of liquidation;

– Preparation of the necessary powers of attorney to ensure the normal operation of the law firm on the case during the liquidation period;

– Filing the necessary notifications to the NRA of the intention to liquidate the company;

– Preparation of the necessary set of documents for the dissolution of the company, which should be signed by the authorized bodies of the company;

– Submission of the documents for initiating liquidation proceedings at the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria;

– Announcement of invitation to the company’s creditors;

– Assistance to client-legal entity in submitting the information to the NSSI and obtaining the necessary certificate for this;

– Assistance to the client-legal entity during the preparation by the client’s accounting team of the complete set of accounting documents, necessary for the initiation and completion of the liquidation procedure;

– Preparation of the necessary set of documents for striking the company off the register after the expiration of the liquidation period, which should be signed by the authorized bodies of the company;

– Submission of the documents concerning striking the legal entity off the Commercial register of the Republic of Bulgaria;

        Insolvency of commercial companies

We offer our clients full legal assistance and representation for insolvent or over-indebted companies, as well as for creditors of such companies, whose claims should be filed and protected in the context of bankruptcy proceedings.

       If you are a debtor company that is in insolvency or over-indebtedness, we can offer you the following package of services:

– complete analysis of the company and evaluation of its status (available assets and cash; existing obligations and their maturity dates);

– preparation of an application under Article 625 of the Commercial Act and its entry into court;

– representation before the insolvency court in all phases of the bankruptcy proceedings;

– contesting lists of accepted claims;

– preparation of objections and legal protection against filed objections;

– protection of the company on claims under Article 694 of the Commercial Act;

– representation at meetings of creditors;

     If you are a creditor of an insolvent or over-indebted company, we can offer you the following package of services:

– preparation of an application for registration of your claim before the insolvency court and its submission in court;

– representation before the insolvency court in all phases of the bankruptcy proceedings;

– contesting lists of accepted claims, respectively lists of rejected claims;

– preparation of objections and legal protection against filed objections;

– preparation of objections against the acceptance of claims of other creditors;

– preparation and submission of claims under Article 694 of the Commercial Act and protection of your interests in a lawsuit brought against you under Article 694 of the Commercial Act;

– representation at meetings of creditors;

– appealing against court acts that affect your rights and legitimate interests;

             Legal services for registration of non-profit legal entities

We offer a full scope of legal services for the registration of non-profit legal entities, including, but not limited to: associations, foundations, political parties, sports clubs and other types of companies for private or public benefit.

For clients looking for a long-term commitment, we offer flexible subscription plans for legal services /please request our free Brochure with subscription plans here/

We assist our clients when they are also interested in receiving related services such as:

accounting services, translation and legalization, notary services, rent of office address, real estate appraiser, and more.

* This is one of our legal services that include online consultation.

Contact us for more information and quotation.

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