Legal Services

We are independent Bulgarian lawyers and in our law firm, we provide various legal services towards local and foreign individuals, as well towards corporate entities.

During our legal practice in Bulgaria, we have acquired huge experience in the legal representation of overseas clients from countries all over the world – the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, the United States, Germany, India, etc.

We represent clients and deal with legal matters everywhere in Bulgaria. We provide representation to all local parties. We have dealt with the local authorities in almost all cities in our country.

In our work we always aim to offer to our clients the full specterе of legal services they need – from initiation and performance of litigation procedures in Bulgarian courts, conveyance services in relation to Bulgarian real estates, legal servicing of corporate bodies, consultations in the Bulgarian Family and Inheritance Law, towards disputing administrative orders, etc.

We are Bulgarian attorneys who understand that the good and long-term beneficial relations between client and their lawyer are based mostly on on-time and understandable communication, openness during consulting the client, and investing mutual trust – therefore we follow strictly these principles in practice, in order to develop the quality of our legal services which we deliver to clients.

On the menu on the left on the present page, you will find the precise list of legal services, which we deliver in Bulgaria.

Your feedback about our legal services provided to you is also much appreciated, as it helps us to improve the level of quality of our work. Feel free to share with us your opinion –

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