The act for Foreigners sets legal rules for applying for a residence permit after obtaining a long residence visa “D”. It is issued by the Bulgarian embassies and consular sections abroad, namely in the home country of the applicants, with 6-months term of validity and right of 180 days of residence. Visa D applies towards foreigners who want to reside long of permanently in Bulgaria – for example, for labor, business, medical, family or investment reasons. Particular options are when the foreigner:

1/ Performs business activities per the local Act for support of the investments;

2/ Has legal reasons that will allow granting a permanent residence to them;

3/ Has enough funds to live here, without using the social service and they intend to retire in Bulgaria;

4/ Is in marriage to a foreigner who resides permanently in Bulgaria;

5/ (After permission) is working on a labor contract in Bulgaria or in another country. And then is been sent here to work, or works as self-employed;

6/ Performs business activities, being officially an employer of minimum 10 local individuals on labor contract;

The Bulgarian visa type D is issued after an interview with the candidate has been done. This type of visa allows multiple entering the territory of the country, during the 6-months validity deadline of this document. In particular cases for some concrete applicants, such visa may be issued with one-year validity and 360 days of residence. But only to foreign citizens who match one of several precise conditions, outlined in the local legislation, but namely:

*As a standard procedure, when the local Authorities issue a certificate for residence, then they annul the long-term visa.   

Depending on the concrete legal reason on the base of which the foreign citizen applies for this type of visa, the set of needed documents that should support the application, is different. Therefore we can advise in advance the applicants about the legal options for acquiring long residing in Bulgaria. And respectively for the requirements for applying for long-term residence Bulgarian visa D and residence permit. This includes also the exceptions that would not allow issuing a visa. We can also help applicants with preparing the application and the set of necessary documents. Including obtaining the supporting additional documents, when it is needed here, as well as a residence permit.

If there is eventual refusal for issuing long Bulgarian visa D, we can appeal (when there are legal reasons for it) on behalf of the applicant, the refusal at the local court in Sofia. This is the institution which hears and decides on this specific type of appeals.

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* Note that foreigners, who visit or reside in Bulgaria, hold obligation to follow the public legal order. As well to be loyal to the Bulgarian country and not to harm the prestige and honor of the Bulgarian nation.

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