Short-stay Bulgarian visa /VISA C/

Visa C for short-term visit in Bulgaria is the usual type of visa issued by the Bulgarian embassies and consular sections abroad, and by the border control in Bulgaria towards travelers who wish to enter transit in Bulgaria and then in two days to travel to another country, and to those who plan to stay in Bulgaria for up to three months within six-months’ period. Applications for visa C should be submitted to the Bulgarian embassy or consular section, situated in the home country where the applicant resides. The Bulgarian visa C has five years of validity term and then it expires. The type “C” visa actually includes two different types of visa and resp. allows two different types of legal residing in Bulgaria:

– The first type visa “C” gives the foreign recipient the right to enter legally Bulgaria once, twice or in rare cases several times, but for not longer than 2 /two/ days;

– While the second type of visa “C” entitles its holder to enter Bulgaria for a planned trip once, twice or multiple times, but for not longer than ninety days in a row, within a six months time period, calculated from the date of the first entry; and only if the applicant declares that he/she has enough funds for such long staying in the country.

We can advise applicants about the legal requirements for issuing Bulgarian visa C in advance, and resp. about the necessary set of documents that should support their application. We can also advise on the standard legal prohibitions for issuing a visa in order to avoid lodging useless applications. We can also appeal on behalf of the applicant, eventual refusal for issuing visa “C”, at the local Bulgarian court of Law, which is the body entitled to hear and decide on these specific appeals.

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* Note that foreigners, who visit or reside in Bulgaria, are obliged to follow the public legal order, to be loyal to the Bulgarian country and not to harm the prestige and honor of the Bulgarian nation.

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