Investments and residency in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian legislation is extremely favorable for these foreign investors who would like to invest in our country and at the same time to obtain residency permit or even Bulgarian citizenship through investment. The migration of foreign investors is acceptable and permanently encouraged by the Bulgarian country.

We can perform the needed legal activities for implementation of all of the possibilities given by the Foreigners Act in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Citizenship Act towards foreigners, who would be interested to reside temporarily or permanently here, including, but not only, under the following conditions:

– Performance of trade activity Bulgaria following the legal procedures, where as a result of it at least 10 full-time job positions for Bulgarian citizens have been created; where we can prepare and perform the necessary registrations of local corporate entity, assist the company in concluding all types of labor contracts and the help the client with the legal activities for fulfillment of the legal requirements for obtaining residence.

– Registration of trade representation office in the local Trade Chamber of a foreign company, where we can prepare and perform the registration and all the related legal activities for the fulfillment of the legal requirements for obtaining residence.

– Investment of at least 600 000 Lev in a real estate in Bulgaria, or investment in 50% of the capital of local corporate entity for acquiring ownership rights on real estates for the above value. As part of our legal activities includes legal representation for real estate investors, we can perform all legal checks and purchasing of real estate in Bulgaria.

– Investing in economically deprived regions following the Act for support of investments, via depositing at least 250 000 Lev in the raising capital of a local company, where we can perform all necessary legal activities and registrations in the Companies House.

– Investment or increase with 1 000 000 Lev via acquiring of a) shares of local corporate entities, regulated by the local stock market; b) bonds and treasury bonds, as well similar instruments, that are issued by the State or by the Municipalities, for a period not less than 6 months; c) ownership right on corporate asset of a company having  50% or more governmental or municipal shareholding, following the Act of privatization and post-privatization control; d) shares or bonds, owned by the State or Municipality in local company following the same Act; e) Bulgarian Intellectual property – subject of author’s right and related rights, inventions protected with patent, useful models, trademarks, marks for services and industrial design; rights on concession contracts on the territory of Bulgaria;

– Investment with more than 1 000 000 Lev into a licensed crediting authority in Bulgaria under trust management agreement for a 5-year-period, during which period the deposit could not be used for securing other credits by crediting authority in Bulgaria. We can perform all necessary legal activities for opening the deposit and management of the investment during the required period.

– Investment of 6 000 000 Lev in the raising capital of a local company which does not participate on the regulated stock market. We can organize and perform all legal activities and registrations in the Companies House.

– Investment of at least 500 000 Lev in local company, where the investor is a shareholder and owns not less than 50% of the raising capital, and assets of the same value have been acquired, together with 10 job positions opened for Bulgarian citizens for the term of the residence, which is certified by the Ministry of Economics. We can perform all necessary legal activities and registrations at the Authorities.

All the above options focus on the financial investment in our country in order to allow obtaining a residency permit. Obtaining such on the base of some of the above legal reasons (especially those related to investments of big value), gives the possibility for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship in a less complicated procedure – avoiding the requirements for knowledge of Bulgarian language and without that the candidate is released of his actual citizenship.

Our law firm has good experience in assisting clients in the above-detailed procedures, where we can provide legal advice about the requirements of the law and all the necessary documentation, as well as perform legal representation before all the local Authorities. Feel free to contact us for more information –

*The above information does not represent legal advice. Its role is only to direct to some and few of the points related to the concrete legal procedures, and should not be accepted as enough and/or applicable to any particular case.

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