Bulgarian citizenship. Bulgarian Immigration Law

The Bulgarian legislation /mainly our Constitution and the Bulgarian Citizenship Act/ allows the following legal procedures for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship:

–  On the base of birth on the territory of the country;

– When at least one of the parents is Bulgarian citizen;

– On the base of investment;

– Via the process of naturalization /where the most common case of naturalization is on the base of Bulgarian origins when ascending relatives are/were Bulgarian nationals/. Naturalization is possible also for marital reasons, for investment reasons, for cultural, sport and science benefits for the country, etc.  There are particular cases of naturalization for special merits achieved already for Bulgaria in the public and economic sphere, in the area of science, technology, culture, and sports.

Briefly said, obtaining Bulgarian citizenship via naturalization takes time /i.e. it does not happen for a day or a month/. For applicants who come from many countries around the world, Bulgarian legislation does accept double citizenship in cases of naturalization.

For applicants, who believe there may be legal reasons for applying for Bulgarian citizenship and they wish to acquire it, we can offer consultation on the legal provisions and advice in details; we can represent these clients during the process of applying for Bulgarian citizenship at the local Authorities – Prosecutors’ office, local competent courts and agencies, as well as before the Ministry of Justice, where the whole set of documents is submitted at the end. Refusals for naturalization cannot be appealed in court; therefore applications should be prepared very precisely.


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* Note that foreigners, who visit or reside in Bulgaria, are obliged to follow the public legal order, to be loyal to the Bulgarian country and not to harm the prestige and honor of the Bulgarian nation.

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