In our capacity of Bulgarian lawyers, we provide all legal services, related to registration, transformation, merger and termination of Bulgarian commercial and sole-trader corporate bodies, as well as associations and foundations. The registration of a local Bulgarian company is a service we provide online to clients, without any need for them to visit Bulgaria. Basically, we form the company as per the needs of the client, and then register it in their name and on their behalf at the local Companies House. We also use to take care of already registered companies were to keep their legal standing in proper order /incl. to lodge the annual tax returns and to perform the annual accountancy, to perform a change of particulars/shareholders, etc./.

– Cross-border mergers of limited liability companies registered in the European Union: We provide a full package of legal services related to all types of cross-border mergers in accordance with the Directive 2005/56/EC of THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 26 October 2005 on cross-border mergers of limited liability companies. We consult our clients when they need a pre-merger certificate, documents for transfer of assets, independent expert report, etc. If you need to relocate your business and move your company’s seat/headquarter/address of management in Bulgaria, please contact us.

– Mergers and acquisitions of Bulgarian companies: We provide legal due diligence of the target company, in order to outline the most expedient method of acquisition of the target company in view of achieving optimal financial results and procedure savings /such as purchase of stocks and shares, increase or decrease of the capital, transfer of the enterprise/. We provide legal advice on the transformation of a company /take-over, merger, separation, division/ and legal advice during and after the acquisition takes place; We take part in and conduct negotiations with the contracting party. We render legal advice and assistance on the collection of receivables, termination of contracts, etc.

Where there is a corporate lawyer needed, we can help, as we perform also deals with commercial enterprises – sale or purchase of company shares of Bulgarian companies, mergers, and acquisitions of companies, where we perform due diligence and we advise the client and prepare & sign the related contracts and company documents in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial law.

We offer assistance and legal advice for a performance of Minutes of Meeting of corporate entities /limited liability companies, joint stock companies, political entities, etc./, including in relation to organizing the company books, issuing temporary certificates and shares.

We also provide legal advice regarding commercial deals and consultation prior insolvency procedures and participation in liquidation process before the local courts.

We also deal with the voluntary liquidation of Bulgarian companies and closing up of local bodies that are not needed to be kept any longer by foreign property investors and distribution of company assets during liquidation.

We are capable to provide legal assistance and representation in cases where there is need of removal of a shareholder, or need of appeal in the court of decisions, taken by the company, or any harmful activities taken by the manager or another shareholder, etc.

We offer flexible subscription quotes towards companies who are looking for long-term legal service and engagement, depending on their particular needs.

We assist our corporate clients when they need related services: accounting services, translation services, notary services, an address of management and rental services, expert assessments of real estates, and many others.

* This is one of our legal services of our law firm, which include online legal advice.

**According to our Law, free legal advice could be provided by Bulgarian corporate lawyer only to relatives, other Bulgarian lawyers or indigent citizens. 

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