Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship


August 31, 2016

The decision by the UK voters to leave the EU, also known as “Brexit”, as a result, may lead to increased number of applications for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by these Brits (mostly Remain supporters) who do not want to lose the benefits of being EU residents, informs an article published by Bloomberg. According to interview with the officials in the Bulgarian embassy in London, they are recently in contact with more than thirty British nationals, who would like to explore the opportunity to keep the right to live and work within the EU via using the Bulgarian Immigration services for obtaining citizenship. Their number has been increased after June 23th, when Britain’s EU referendum took place.

From a legal point of view, the Bulgarian citizenship gives the opportunity not only to enter our country visa-free (avoiding visa-costs), to relocate and work in Bulgaria, but also to travel visa-free within the Schengen Zone and to reside within the EU, in accordance to the regulations valid in the different member-states. Also, it entitles its holder to travel visa-free in many other countries in Europe and the world. Foreign investors who are interested in keeping their local Bulgarian investments (real estates, or business investments) could explore the possibilities of applying for Bulgarian citizenship on the base of residency or investment reasons that are available per the local Law. Acquiring citizenship on investment purposes is possible via specific investment procedure per the Bulgarian Law, which enables obtaining Bulgarian citizenship via investing in government bonds or in other regulated assets, as there are several options available by the Law.

There are also other different legal reasons that could make possible performance the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization for British citizens – for example, marital or blood-line relations, Bulgarian origins, etc. The Bulgarian legislation is very strict on this matter and the legal requirements should be met precisely in order citizenship by naturalization to be granted. We understand it very well, therefore we are capable to provide legal advice and consultation on the Bulgarian immigration services and on the opportunities to apply for Bulgarian citizenship and settle in Bulgaria. Our law firm is situated in Sofia so we can assist applicants and handle the whole procedures of obtaining a permanent residence permit or Bulgarian citizenship at the local governmental Authorities. More info about the legal services, which an immigration lawyer may deliver, can be read on our page “Bulgarian citizenship”.



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