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We provide legal advice on the Bulgarian taxation and legal representation in court any orders issued by the governmental or local administrative personnel – Council of Ministers, mayors, county managers, directors of Institutions, police department, etc.

We offer legal representation in relation to appealing fines and financial charges issued following the Administrative punishments act; as well in relation to appealing any individual administrative orders or decisions, Bulgarian taxation sanctions and assessments, public bailiff’s orders, border control sanctions, Labor Inspection sanctions, Road Police sanctions, Health Office sanctions, and against the sanctions, issued by municipal and Tax authorities.

We can perform the procedures related to obtaining administrative permissions and licenses, Bulgarian taxation issues, as well in relation to forming applications for registration and licensing regimes, incl. following the registration regime for trade shops, categorization of the tourist places, registration regime for taxi services, registration regime for producing alcohol beverages, licensing for air carrier, licensing for public transportation of passengers and loads in Bulgaria, etc. –  I.e. all kinds of trading that needs licensing; We can assist in the procedure for licensing and registration under the Health Act; the Private Data Protection Act; the Medical Products Act; the Tourism Act.;

We offer legal assistance and representation on procedures under the Act for public-private partnership and the Public Procurement Act, including Legal assistance and preparation of documents for participation in public procurements, and preparation of applications and consultations in relation to performance of already concluded contracts; representation before the Commission for protection of competition and the Supreme Administrative Court in relation to all types of appeals under the above detailed PPA.


We offer preparation and legal review of labor contracts as well all needed documents for employers to organize the work in a company (Internal Regulations, civil or labor contracts declarations for confidentiality, etc.). In our capacity of civil practitioners, we provide legal representation in labor cases related to employee punishments, discharges or dismissals, monetary compensations and litigations that are heard in the local civil courts under the provisions of the Labour Code.


If you need a legal review of parts of the Bulgarian Law and the local legislation or legal consultation on the above, we can help with providing a legal expert to you on placed by your questions. We practice in almost all spheres of the Bulgarian Law and we have the needed knowledge and experience to prepare in writing and forward to you and independent legal report on outlined by your legal issues or questions about Bulgarian Law, which legal statement to help you on any pending lawsuit, related to Bulgarian legal matters. Members of our legal term have already done this before, for the needs of several trusted law firms in the UK.

We can also act as an expert witness if appointed by the court of law in your country, where to provide a professional scope of the local Bulgarian law in relation to pending legal issues.

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* This is one of our legal services, which includes online legal advice.

**According to our Law, free legal advice by Bulgarian legal expert could be given only to relatives, other Bulgarian lawyers or indigent people.

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