Our team of sworn translators offer legalization and can translate  in many languages all types of legal documentation – contracts, Title Deeds and Rand Register Title forms, powers of attorney or letters of authorizations, company documents, declarations, etc., and respectively legalize your documents, issued from Authorities abroad, in cases these have to be used in Bulgaria (since the official language in our country is Bulgarian).

On the opposite, we are capable to consult you on the needed documents that have to be issued by Bulgarian Authority, translated and legalized in order to be used by you for your needs abroad. In our practice, we have dealt with legalization related to documentation for residence in Bulgaria, property conveyance, registration of property acquisition contracts, signed in Bulgaria, legalization of documents for the UK Land Register, company registrations, registration of personal wills in Bulgaria, inheritance disputes, etc.

 – Immigration in Bulgaria and Bulgarian citizenship: If you need Bulgarian Immigration lawyer to consult you on legal issues related to obtaining Bulgarian residence permit, moving to Bulgaria or applying for Bulgarian citizenship, we can help. Namely, we can advise you about the related procedures under the Bulgarian legislation, including these for acquiring long-term or permanent residence certificate and citizenship by investment; we can represent you before the related local Authorities and at the Bulgarian court of Law in case of appeal. Please also refer to our section “Residence of foreigners in Bulgaria”.

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