Arbitration lawsuits and disputes

The Local Law entitles parties to decide, in case eventual disputes arise between them, instead of going in Bulgarian civil court, to bring the lawsuit before the private Bulgarian arbitration courts. Arbitration lawsuits are another option for settling disputes that arise between them in relations to a breach of contracts.

In practice, since the arbitration is a one-instance procedure, it is often chosen by banks and creditors, to help them reach quickly issuing a payment warrant against the debtor.

In theory, the origin of the arbitration procedure is settling disputes between traders. However, it is used mostly in relation to lawsuits initiated by traders against consumers who have signed contracts with Common Terms and Conditions. The fact that arbitration courts are not regulated by any governmental organizations, the right given to any graduated in law person to become arbiter or to form arbitration court, as well the fact that there are no requirements towards arbiters, especially in spite of experience and qualification, may create many danger milestones in the arbitration lawsuits.

If you are a party of pending lawsuit, initiated against you, we can help you with legal advice and actual legal representation during the arbitration procedure, where to protect your position in lodged arbitration claims against you.



If you are considering to start an arbitration procedure against a non-performing party, we can assist you with an examination of the legal papers and preparation of the arbitration claim, as well as we can represent you at all court hearing during the process till issuance of the arbitration decision. We also provide services of obtaining of a writ of execution before Sofia City Court on the base of the arbitration decision, because according to the local law writ of execution is only issued by this court ad, not by the arbitration court, where your case was held. In regards to this, we can prepare all the needed paperwork for the writ of execution issuance procedure, as well as to receive the ready writ of execution on your behalf. We have experience in representing claimants and defendants in arbitration lawsuits in Bulgaria. For more information, contact us:

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**According to our Law, free legal advice could be given by Bulgarian arbitration lawyer only to their relatives, towards other Bulgarian lawyers or to indigent citizens. 

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