We offer all legal services related to the preparation, verification and modification of draft contracts or signed agreements in the field of civil and commercial law.

We provide advice on the terms of sale and purchase contracts, lease agreements, trade agreements, title deeds, contracts for division, etc., including the preparation of such contracts and e-mailing them to our clients, who live abroad or are unable to visit our office.

We can perform negotiations with the opposite party on behalf of and on the account of our clients, as well as represent our clients during signing contracts, including preliminary contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate within the meaning of Article 19 of the Contracts and Obligations Act (COA), title deeds for the sale and purchase of real estate, commercial and consumer contracts, and others.

We prepare all kinds of contracts, general or special powers of attorney, wills, and other documents, related to property in Bulgaria.

                Preparation and signing of contracts. Consultations on concluded contracts

We prepare all kinds of contracts that can be found and used in civil and commercial turnover in Bulgaria:

 – contracts for sale and purchase of real estate;

–  preliminary contract for sale and purchase of real estate;

–  voluntary division contract;

–  manufacturing contract;

–  loan agreement;

–  pledge agreement;

–  donation contract;

–  rental agreement;

–  contract for order;

–  cession contract;

–  debt replacement contract;

–  consultancy contract;

–  construction contract;

– leasing contract, contract with delayed payment of price; finance and operating leases contracts;

–  and many others;

During the process of preparation of contracts, we perform consultations with the client, as well as with the opposite party, through which we determine the most essential elements of the future contract.

We design the contracts in a way to protect our clients’ interests to the fullest. The client receives a detailed advice on the terms of the future contract, the consequences of its conclusion, and the extent of the rights and obligations that will be assumed, if the relevant contract is signed.

If you have already concluded a contract, but there is a default on behalf of the other party or there are disputed situations regarding the implementation of the contract, then we can consult with the client.

We offer solutions to the problems encountered in the implementation of the respective contract, including by taking actions for seeking the counterparty’s liability in case of default.

                     Notary deed for real estate in Bulgaria – preparation and signing

We prepare title deeds for sale and purchase, donation or exchange of real estate properties in Bulgaria, as well as for establishment of limited real rights – right of construction, right of use, easement, contractual mortgage, ascertaining notarial deed for property, ascertaining notarial deed as per affirmative inspection.

If a preliminary contract has been concluded for specific property under Article 19 of Contracts and Obligations Act, but the seller refuses to transfer ownership of the property through a title deed, we can assist you in bringing a case for concluding a final contract.

The decision in these proceedings has the power of a notary deed (title deed).

In case the deed is lost, we supply our clients with a certified copy.

For our clients, who do not reside in Bulgaria, we can prepare and carry out all the necessary legal actions as proxies, including the preparation and signing the notary (title) deed.

          Power of attorney in Bulgaria – preparation and representation

We prepare all kinds of powers of attorney, including attorney’s power of attorney, power of attorney for disposition of real estate, power of attorney for driving a motor vehicle or for sale of cars, power of attorney for performing actions on behalf of a company, etc.

In addition, we advise our clients and prepare for them all the declarations required by law, which should accompany the power of attorney in order the power of attorney to be used (declarations under Article 42 of the MAMLA, declarations under Article 59 of the MAMLA, declarations under Article 264, paragraph 1 and 2 of the Tax and Social Security Procedure Code, declarations under Article 25, paragraph 8 of the NNPA, and others).

We have fifteen years of experience in representing clients all over the world and with certifications of powers of attorney in foreign countries.

For our clients, who do not reside in Bulgaria, we can carry out all necessary actions for preparation of the necessary power of attorney and declarations. We can work completely online by sending the necessary documents to the address specified by the client (e-mail or postal), together with detailed instructions for authenticating the documents and affixing an apostille thereon in the respective country (if required).

             Preparation of a Bulgarian will

We assist our clients in the preparation of a notary or a handwritten testament, assistance for presented the signed handwritten testament before a local notary public and its registration in the respective notarial register.

We can assist you in formulating the text of the will, including with a precise and detailed description of the property, if you intend to include such in your will.

We provide advice on risks in cases of possible conflicts between testators and heirs by law, as well as advice on how to avoid claims for restoration of a preserved part of the inheritance.

We represent the client in the process of announcing the will.

For more information on the above legal services, please contact us by using the e-mails and phone numbers provided in our „Contacts” section.

*The preparation of power of authorization and attorney’s power of authorization are one of our services that include online consultation.

* This is one of our legal services, which includes online legal advice.

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